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What readers say.

“Please meet George, a top 3 smartest person I've had the pleasure to know and work with.  And delightful to boot!  His insight and guidance are useful.”

- Oliver Glenn, entrepreneur, Madrid and San Francisco

“What I learned most from George during strategy projects and coaching: that strategy is more than economics, competition, winning and losing. That strategy is above all about people and how they cope with life. (The Strategy Toolkit is) a strategy newsletter for a new era.”

- Klaus Niederlander, executive, Brussels

“There are not many people I turn to for strategy insights.  George is one of them.”

- Sven Henrichwark, venture capitalist and executive, Singapore

“The Strategy Toolkit' is a must-read monthly newsletter on strategic thinking. If you have five minutes of time to invest each month, please do so.  George Barnett, the newsletter's author, draws upon his years of experience as a strategy consultant and start-up investor in Silicon Valley to help you reframe your strategic thinking,  when pondering long-term issues.  Unlike others, George doesn't attempt to apply a "one-size-fits-all" strategic framework to an existing problem.  Instead, he links lessons from the past to the present, allowing the reader to reach their own "aha" moment in shaping their own strategic thinking.”

- Dickson Louie, faculty, Graduate School of Management, UCDavis

“A welcome, and much needed, contribution to the practice of corporate strategy.”

- Bernie Jaworski, the Peter F. Drucker Chair in Management and Liberal Arts, Claremont Graduate University

About George Barnett.

I am a strategy geek based in Silicon Valley:  an engineer, diplomat, consultant, investor, and entrepreneur, with two decades of experience working with companies of all sizes around the world as part of the Monitor Group and the ClearLake Group.  Since 2015, I have invested a disproportionate amount of my time working with technology firms growing new businesses based on cloud-based software, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. I read incessantly, and think constantly about what I read and what it means for strategy.  I tweet as @gabthinking and share bite-sized ideas on TikTok as @strategytok.

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I am a strategy geek based in Silicon Valley: an engineer, diplomat, consultant, investor, and entrepreneur.